Stephanie Bonit
Stephanie Bonit


Conceptual thinking. Simple and clean. Designed with a touch of intricacy.

Designer // Crafter // Photographer


Hello, I like thinkering!

You can usually find me prepared, camera in one hand, tea or coffee in the other, laptop open and ready. As a kid, I didn’t really fit in and that made it difficult for me to communicate what I was feeling. My art became an outlet of self-expression when words failed me. I could think about things while tinkering with my hands. This love of hand-crafting still appears in my designs. I enjoy combining two dimensional digital designs and placing them onto physical three dimensional forms because it brings back the art of craftsmanship. My work is simple and clean, but with a touch of detail and intricacy based on the design and/or the overall concept. I embed culture or symbolism to give more depth to my designs and give dimension to my concepts rather than just designs on the surface.